Fallujah – Dreamless

It’s often said that a band’s third album is what truly distinguishes them and determines their staying power. It normally goes downhill after this or it’s the album where a band truly makes their mark with albums like "Master Of Puppets" or "Number Of The Beast". Well that what has happened here with Fallujah. Starting off a tear in the ocean of many deathcore bands, they set themselves apart with 2014’s sophomore effort "The Flesh Prevails" and now we have "Dreamless". I’m going to go bold here and say this album is a game changer; this is an album that future albums of its kind are going to be measured. It’s an album that will spawn a hundred rip off’s and in 20 years time the band will be touring playing the album in full!

I’m not that familiar with the bands early material but to label Fallujah 'deathcore' is an absolute insult. "Dreamless" is progressive death metal or at a push progressive metalcore, It has a lot going on but a heart these songs are to be played in front of a pit. The whole album while heavy and brutal has melodies and guitar lead work that has an effect that makes the guitar almost sound like it a synthesizer, on first listen I actually thought the band had a keyboard player. The band experiment with time signatures and structures but after a few listens the songs are easy to digest, the band take the heaviness of Meshuggah, the complexity of Obscura and Cynic’s spacey, mellow side but make everything a bit more palatable.

The whole album has this otherworldly, trippy, spacey feel if you listen to the beautiful instrumental title track for instance. They even throw in some female clean vocals to give the sound an extra layer. The songs seamlessly flow from one to the next. It’s hard to notice the album is just under an hour long.

Whatever genre or scene the band came from they are miles ahead of the pack now. "Dreamless" is a strange, complex beautiful metal album that reveals more with each listen. It’s multilayered, it has wonderful musicianship and just fantastic song writing and the artwork is stunning.

People are always asking where the new talent is or what bands are going to take the torch and carry metal into the future. Band’s like Fallujah, that’s who! "Dreamless" is a metal album for the future.

  1. Face Of Death
  2. Adrenaline
  3. The Void Alone
  4. Abandon
  5. Scar Queen
  6. Dreamless
  7. The Prodigal Son
  8. Amber Gaze
  9. Fidelio
  10. Wind For Wings
  11. Les Silences
  12. Lacuna