Fallujah - The Harvest Wombs

This American five piece have changed their music from 2007 – going from blackened deathcore to progressive/technical black metal/deathcore. Their songs focus on anti-religion and the dark side of the world. This is their first full-length album after their two demons and an EP at roughly one a year. The constant changes and shifts in band members is accountable for the change in their music style, however it has not diminished their power, their skill, or their passion for what they play.

Not unsurprisingly however, are the slightly formulaic songs. Sticking heavily to the death metal and deathcore, the growls sometimes attempt to go higher (which is achieved either by a backing vocal or a second vocal track laid down at production) but mainly stick within the vocal range of the singer. The drums again, provides the rhythm needed to keep the guitars in check, except for the short solos in each song, which then lead back into the vocals.

There is nothing wrong with this being formulaic, but it would have been nice to see more of the progressive and experimental side take a stand in the album. All of the musicians are highly talented as can be seen, but sometimes the vocal lacks the power and force to propel it, sounding a little forced in places.

  1. Alpha Incipient
  2. Ritual Of Godlesh
  3. Become One
  4. Cerebral Hybridization
  5. Prison Of The Mind
  6. The Flame Surreal
  7. Enslaved Eternal Phenomenon
  8. Hallucination
  9. The Harvest Wombs
  10. Assemblage of Wolves