False Reality - End Of Eternity

This is melodic black/death metal from Romania, more in the pace of some doom/death than the harsher expected end of their categorisation. I’ve actually found as the album has been spun a few times that this kind of echoes the career of Anathema. There are really gentle pieces like ‘The Silence Within’ that’s very soft and mixed with some gruff death vocals amongst the strong clear voice. Granted it gets heavier later in the track, more ambience than you think is possible. Although I don’t personally like this style, I can’ deny it’s captivating and well written.

As we move further into the release, ‘Requiem Into Darkness’ flows with the same qualities. Keyboards are added for effect. The cool clear vocal returns during ‘End Of Eternity’ giving the track a slight folky feel, then powering into melodic death/black metal later in the tune, a tried and tested formula it would seem.

For followers of this sub-genre, this will fair very well. There are some strong arrangements that captivate you, the more extreme parts of the tracks are kind of hit and miss. The real art is shown when it’s mixed together developing an ambience that sits well with a summers days sitting lazily in a meadow reflecting on life itself. A dreamy and exotic release overall with the ability to trigger many forms of human emotion.

  1. Bewitched 
  2. The Silence Within  
  3. Rapture And Pain  
  4. Rih Al Khamsin  
  5. Requiem Into Darkness  
  6. End Of Eternity  
  7. Dear Friend