Fanthrash - Duality Of Things

Despite the terrible band name, this Polish thrash (in case you did not get it first time in the band name!) band have actually been in existence for some time, demo’s date back to 1987 with their inception in 1986. So with ‘Duality Of Things’ being only their first full length album, has the wait and history been worth it? Yes and no if I am honest. The speedier, catchy moments are just about as common as every other thrash band that have come and gone, the vocals are very harsh, somewhere between early Brazilian bands and modern bands without the temptation towards a more hardcore element in their sound, thankfully. Fanthrash do have a talent for writing some epic arrangements, riffs and guitar runs, but this as a package falls short when it comes to the overall arrangements. It comes across too focussed, too unnatural, almost force fed ideas into a song leading to a place that single tracks do not always need to go. I say this because some abrupt measures like this stifle a creative urge, a feeling, and more importantly in this field, energy, this is my frustration with ‘Duality Of Things’.

‘Under The Open Sky’ has a promising riff as an intro, but the let-down comes when the vocals start, I thought this was going to go nuts, but unfortunately you get a soft emotionless plea then an average metal groove. But, for the musicians amongst you, if you listen to the undertones, the jazz-esque tapping and guitar looping in the background that also continues into the solo makes an interesting listen. However, this talent and musicianship is severely doomed as the song doesn’t hold any memorable attributes other than those mentioned earlier, it’s simply too busy. ‘Lizard Skelton’ is just a short piece of music that pays homage to someone like Atheist or Dream Theater, guitar noodling with jazz pieces of random timing here and there, not my style, and not my bag at all. However it is not all bad, I have to say that the recorded sound and mix is pretty good, to have such an “experimental” attribute to their music, the resulting recording justifies their desires to be heard, and each and every note from each of the stringed instruments is clear and  are sonically boosted respectfully.

Imaginative in many places, but the imagination tends to out stay its welcome, whilst there are rare crowd pleasing moments, these are lost in the often ultra technical field of music that Fanthrash reside.


  1. Intro
  2. Allocation Of The Soul
  3. Aggressor
  4. Forced
  5. Duality Of Things
  6. Under The Open Sky
  7. Trauma Despotic
  8. Green Tattoo
  9. Lizard Skelton
  10. Toxic Mind
  11. Domino
  12. Rita From The Hills