Farewell To Words - Tear Down This Wall

Farewell To Words is a metalcore band with a flare for the melodic and the dramatic. "Tear Down This Wall" is full of thought-provoking lyrics, catchy hooks, and technically proficient performances in all areas, brilliant guitars and battery work, with great screaming and sweet choruses. There are mostly heavy songs with one slow one, the last track, "The Empty Stare" which is probably my favorite track on the EP. I would compare Farewell To Words to such bands as All That Remains and Soilwork. After forming in 2005 Farewell To Words have gone through some line-up changes and they have shared the stage with bands such as Heaven Shall Burn and Illdisposed. They also put out a promo CD in 2005 "An Offer You Can't Refuse." Although it could be said there are a lot of bands that are already doing the same kind of thing as this band, it must also be pointed out that Farewell To Words do it very well, and screaming metalcore fans will soon be tearing down the walls to get a piece of them!

1. Allurement Of The Void
2. Blue Turned To Scarlet Eyes
3. In Front Of Your Hope
4. Share Of Seconds
5. The Empty Stare
Bastardised Recordings
Reviewer: mykke
Feb 26, 2009

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