Feeble Minded - Collapsing Existence

Third album for Feeble Minded, the ravagers from Czech Republic and it comes ferocious and packed with tons of sheer brutality. 4 years after their previous album and under Bizarre Leprous Productions, it seems that these guys had things to say on "Collapsing Existence"!

First track that breaks the silence leaves no room for false assumptions. These guys are here to deliver technical brutal death metal to the poor listener that doesn't know what's coming. Ferocious and relentless. You get that in every moment, throughout the entire hearing of "Collapsing Existence". Suffocation meets Deeds Of Flesh meets Morbid Angel. The first three bands that came to my mind when I first pushed the play button. Continuous, technical riffs succeeding one another in a tremendous rate, kept together from a beast of a drummer that knows when to blast and when to groove. A solid rock bass player providing the proper low frequencies and a growler that knows how to stretch his throat to deliver some of the best bestial low gutturals out there!

The album consists of 10 songs, odes to the death metal genre with a total duration of 37 minutes. What is great about this is that these boys here know how to diffuse steam once it sums up! The furious blastbeats are succeeded by interleaves dark and majestic, giving the tracks the proper room to breathe and not become tiresome. Solos, leads and tons of other techniques come in handy when the attention needs to be drawn away from the furious blasting. All of course are leaning to the brutal side of the genre so you can forget about melodies and harmonies and yada yada! Whatever these guys give, reeks brutality.

"Collapsing Existence" creates a swirl that drags you in, either you like it or not. It is the way the riffs succeed one another but also I think it is the way the songs succeed one another that gives the album an awesome flow. Production is there to boost the whole thing and take it to another level. Loud and clear at the point where it doesn't get nerdy. You will get the proper amount of muddiness from it but on the same time everything can be heard loud and clear. A room for everything in the mix and if you combine that with the technical skills these guys possess as players, you can understand we're talking bout another lever of savagery here. Their brightest moment if I'm not mistaken and my personal opinion is that this one also has the best artwork for them so far. Great music, great package and a real jewel for a death metaler's discography! A definite must for the fans of the genre!


1. My Farewell My Far
2. Ruthless
3. Rebirth Of Silence
4. Black Strobe
5. Blinding Light
6. Lo-Bit (There And Never Back Again)
7. The End Of The Soul That Never Was
8. The Infinite Silence
9. The Extinction Of The Soul
10. Suicidal Bohemia