Feed Them Death - For Our Culpable Dead

Feed Them Death is a solo project from London, UK and a guy named Void is behind it. "For Our Culpable Dead" is his newest EP which contains three tracks of experimental death/grind.

The opening track 'A Subjective Tragedy' is furious and dark, with lots of aggression in it. The following 'For Our Culpable Dead' has some industrial touches and reminds of bands like Anaal Nathrakh with its mix of shredding guitars, chaotic drumming and some keyboard passages.

The last track 'The Unattainable Truth' has strong black/death metal sound with a rumbling bass line. Feed Them Death will appeal to those who are fond of dark and chaotic metal sound. This project has a new full-length album released via I Voidhanger records and called "Panopticism: Belong/Be Lost" - you can check it out if the material in this EP appeals to you.

3 / 5 STARSĀ 


1. A Subjective Tragedy
2. For Our Culpable Dead
3. The Unattainable Joy