Feradur - Parakosm

Feradur’s first EP, “Parakosm,” is a nice little bridge to cross since their 2nd full length back in 2019. Not really doing anything different it feels like a little mini concept album that is dark, melodic, and certainly metal enough to be enjoyed for those who like the sound of Amon Amarth mixed with a group like Hypocrisy. The riffs are fast yet rhythmic, deep bellowed vocals, clear drumming, and overall well produced so it doesn’t feel like anything is buried. The opening ‘Midas (Materia Prima)’ feels almost doomy and melancholic, much in the way of an Insomnium track, but there aren’t too many of these moments as Feradur try to keep a rather upbeat tone to their music on this EP. Tracks like ‘Saviours’ are an excellent example of this with the dual vocal approach, mid paced chug, and just rather death viking metal style rhythms that are surely to be anthemic live show staples.

Other tracks like ‘Tetsuo’ focus more on speed and less on rhythm, but the band also adds more varied elements such as clean vocal work mixed with the harsh despite not being the most clear being it has an echo effect, and some rather militant drumming ¾ in that is sure to make fans nod in appreciation. The closing ‘Host Of The Nightmare’ has a little thicker sound, feeling more like a more melodic “Nightmares Made Flesh” track from Bloodbath if Peter Tägtgren has added more Hypocrisy influence to it, but while being less melodic it still hits hard and will be enjoyed by those who like heavier Amon Amarth tracks. While there aren’t too many tracks go off of, those who like Feradur’s sound would do well to check out their second album, “Legion” as it holds a more in depth look at their melodic death approach overall. The “Parakosm” EP is solid, but not a full demonstration of what Feradur of really capable of.

3.5 / 5 STARS

1. Midas (Materia Prima)
2. Crest Of Betrayal
3. Saviours
4. Tetsuo
5. Host Of The Nightmare

Self released
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Mar 26, 2021

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