Feral – Flesh For Funerals Eternal

HOLY FUCK!!!!!!!! FERAL IS BACK!!!!!!!

I remember where I was the first time I heard these Swedes. It was just after the release of their debut LP “Dragged To The Altar”. A friend of mine played it for me. I was fucking hooked, immediately. As we got deeper into the album, he said “I’m a Christian and I still can’t help but sing along to “Behead The Crucifix.” I laughed, then we listened and I quickly understood what he meant.

Well, my stoke and anticipation grew with every release thereafter. I got word they were releasing a new album and I began my search. I pre-ordered the album and received a single track ‘Horrendous Sight’. I blasted it several times and could not wait to hear the rest. I actually requested to review this album. To the guys in Feral – I hope I don’t disappoint….. Now…. to get to their upcoming release, “Flesh For Funerals Eternal”.

At the first note, BAM, your blindsided by an aural sledgehammer. ‘Vaults Of Undead Horror’ is a killer opening track. It’s a refresher for old fans and an introduction to high quality crushing death metal for soon to be fans. Because, yes, you will become an instant fan. Much like I was years back.

After you chewed up and spit out by ‘Vaults Of Undead Horror’, ‘Black Coven Secrets’, grabs you again. Riff after riff – hook after hook – You’re slapped back and forth like a human pinball. I defy anyone to listen to this song and not shout BLACK COVEN SECRETS!!!!! BLACK COVEN SECRETS!!!!! Jesus, is it possible to play death metal with this many hooks???? If you had any doubt, these five dudes, will prove you wrong.

During countless listens, I’ve honestly been torn with myself. Midway through many tracks, I caught myself skipping back to the beginning because I wanted to hear the start again but was then mad because I knew what lay ahead and I wanted to jam that too.

Damn, as I give it yet another listen, I want to describe every song in detail, but this album is more important than my words……. so I’ll bring this to an end and you can get to jamming!

Feral demonstrates they’re not a one trick pony. They slow it down a bit for ‘Gathering Their Bones’ and ‘Buried’. As I said, a bit. Both tracks punish, pound and leave you for dead.

Just when you thought you could breathe – The longest song ‘Buried’ leads into the final, and shortest song, ‘Bled Dry’. What a fucking way to end an album. It’s like being put in the ring with Mike Tyson. Two and a half minutes of being bludgeoned. Lying on the mat, BLED FUCKING DRY, yet you somehow pull yourself up to start the album again.

Feral combines rifftastic, heavy, punishing, mean tunes that just completely hammers their listeners. The tone, anger, brutality, intensity, solid drums, crushing vocals etc etc that we all love Sweden for. Although Feral is NOT an Entombed/Dismember clone. They’ve cultivated their own distinct sound. When I hear them, I know it’s them and I must be a masochist too, because I don’t want this beating to stop.

I would love to play in a band like Feral. But I would drop my instrument and do something I haven’t done in 20 years – MOSH.

Stand out numbers:
Vaults Of Undead Horror
Of Gods No Longer Invoked
Bled Dry

Reviewer: Alex Copeland

Dec 26, 2018

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Feral – Flesh For Funerals Eternal

review Feral - Flesh For Funerals Eternal

1. Vaults Of Undead Horror
2. Black Coven Secrets
3. Gathering Their Bones
4. Dormant Disease
5. Of Gods No Longer Invoked
6. Accursed
7. Horrendous Sight
8. Stygian Void
9. Buried
10. Bled Dry


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