Feral - Welcome To The Graveyard

"Welcome To The Graveyard" is a 5 track EP taking influence from the old school and more specific from their native country, Sweden. The songs are very raw but with just enough melody here and there before ripping your face off with more filth. The vocals here are very powerful and overall reminding me of Dismember which I'm a huge fan of. I think the drum sound on the recording is great! Every drum and cymbal can be heard with the utmost clarity. Which brings me to the production, which is absolutely sublime! I love the guitars! They have that authentic Swedish "rusty chainsaw" sound which im a huge fan of also.

Although brilliantly produced, I find the songs lose my interest slightly as they become quite repetitive and almost sound "safe". Don't get me wrong when this band goes hell for leather it's sounds awesome! But those moments are few and far between. iI quite liked this EP but unfortunately there is alot of bands out there just simply doing it better. These guys are just back from a tour with Six Feet Under so I'm sure we'll be hearing from these guys real soon.

1. Once Inside The Tomb
2. The Deathbog
3. Welcome To The Graveyard
4. The Curse Of The Casket
5. Behead The Crucifix

Self released
Reviewer: Connor
Jan 25, 2010

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