Fetid - Steeping Corporeal Mess

Let's start by saying, who wasn't blown away by Fetid's demo, "Sentient Pile Of Amorphous Rot"? Man, what a fucking banger. I truly enjoy being able to use the word "FILTH" in a positive manner. I mean, how low can you tune a guitar? How gnarly can a bass sound? How vomitous can vocals be? How heavy can drums sound? Just ask these this trio from the Pacific Northwest. Just look at the catalog of their current and previous bands. You knew Fetid was gonna eat your face.

Their debut LP, "Steeping Corporeal Mess" got mad hype when 20 Buck Spin announced it's release. These dudes did not disappoint. Only magnified the elements of, and why people were so stoked on their demo. Bigger, faster, nastier, heavier...

Opening with 'Reeking Within', you hear the sounds of a b movie murder scene that makes it's way into the most stomach churning sewer imaginable. Let me please remind the reader that all these adjectives considered negative could not be more positive, regarding this music. Definitely not for the faint listener. This is a subhuman beast that has come to completely tear you apart, slowly. But, oh how enjoyable the mangling is. I can't help but be reminded of OG Finnish heavyweights. In their approach, their tone, the formula and more. All accented with the Fetid touch. Not biting AT ALL!!!! Just reminiscent of and perhaps a strong influence. That makes me very happy. Starting slow, getting chunky, blasting, the DM chug riff and dare I say a little Incantation-esque doom section tossed in???? What a magnificent ride.

Next up is 'Cranial Liquescent'. Starting off with that fucking bass. That nasty nasty bass. And what a riff. The notes and sounds of Hell. Almost a little 'Altering The Future' like with some death/doom groove thrown in. Either way I put it, it's fucking sick! Bam, thrashy DM riifs/grooves/blasts...then my favorite riff at 1:42. OLD SCHOOL chug as meaty as it gets. Following that stoke, again, I can't help but hear some Incantation influence in another solid doom section. AHHHHHH, coming outta that back into MY RIFF! I can't get enough of that riff. Rewind. Rewind. Rewind. Then having it played at a different tempo. Yow, more Finnish styled fury to round out a total banger.

I could talk about every song and how stoked I am, but let's jump to the ender. With 5 songs clocking in at just over 32 minutes, 'Draped In What Was' aka my favorite track, closes out this massive massive ripper. Eerie keys consume the first couple of minutes, setting the stage for a vile trip. This intro leads us to the sickest of doom riffs, which is played at different tempos and patterns. This song also showcases some crazy time signatures which makes the music nerd side of me very happy. I also feel that this song showcases the true talent of each musician. It's got the chugs, the blasts, the thrash, the grooves, the doom...it all. It keeps you guessing all the while raging and smiling.

Clyle, Chelsea and Jullian, you are masters of your instruments! I'm only making an educated guess as to where your influence came from, but these guys polluted my ears in the most beautiful way imaginable. Fetid, I thank you for that. Be sure to pick up "Steeping Corporeal Mess" the instant it drops.

Stand out tracks:
'Cranial Liquescent'
'Draped In What Was'


1. Reeking Within
2. Cranial Liquescent
3. Consumed Periphery
4. Dripping Sub-tepidity
5. Draped in What Was