FinduMonde - Licantropia

"Licantropia" is an album in which most of it's unearthed contents are based upon werewolves, whether or not this is a lyrical theme throughout is beyond me, but I'd imagine this would be a massive, positive yes. FinduMonde blast their way through technical arrays of mischievous death metal tracks, within each song reveals different elements and progression factors, that most death metal bands would fail to think twice about using that style of diversity. Eight tracks spread out into twenty-one minutes worth of brutal playing time, bragging "Licantropia" to cease its purpose as a pleasant listen, rather than everything surpassing to the extremity of lengths in which certain bands depend on.

"Licantropia" howls for attention, barking at you with fearsome vocals nearly embracing the hardcore genre, yet holds tight its death metal roots. The technical approach would question bands as big as Cannibal Corpse as to why they aren't coming up with material that claws for its audience like this does. In reality, FinduMonde's album has most definitely bled my ears dry. A band destined to be admired by fans of old school death metal, to the new wave of hardcore/deathcore.

  1. Lycanthropus
  2. Ataque Sorpresivo 
  3. Carne 
  4. La Condena 
  5. Balas De Plata 
  6. Espiritu Errante 
  7. Medium 
  8. Fenix

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Oct 17, 2012

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