Fire For Effect – Artillery Unleashed

Artillery Unleashed is the debut and possibly sole release from Fire For Effect. The new project from ex Malevolent Creation members Brett Hoffmann and Gio Geraca. After the tragic death of Bret Hoffmann, Gio and the remaining musicians involved soldiered on and have managed to complete this EP. Here we get four songs and an instrumental.

Musically speaking Fire For Effect aren’t a million miles away from Malevolent Creation. I don’t think many people were expecting them to be nor did they want them to be either. One thing that is notable though is there is a war theme throughout. Malevolent touched on war here and there but Fire For Effect are full on Bolt Thrower - WAR!!

Opening with a slow doomy introduction on the title song 'Fire For Effect' the tracks builds up into a pummelling, punishing number while maintaining a slow pace. Brett’s distinctive vocals are on fine form. 'Into The Breech' turns things up with Derick Roddy’s trademark blast beats during the chorus. There is also some nice melodic solo on this track also. 'Engineered For Destruction' is straight forward enough but switches halfway through to an atmospheric, slow section before exploding back into the brutality. 'Watch Your Six' is a pretty good instrumental, nice melodic shredding, intricate drums and has a sombre acoustic finish.

It goes without saying this would have been a great album or talk the about the potential on display but we have to be thankful for what we have. These few recordings could have been put together as a rough demo or remained unreleased. What the band have done is put together a great mini album. The songs are great and demand repeated plays. They really did make something great with the small amount of material they had and hats off to them for that.

A fitting tribute to a legend of death metal.


1. Fire For Effect
2. Into The Breech
3. Engineered For Destruction
4. Watch Your Six
5. Objective Is Achieved