Firestorm - Web Of Deceit

A progressive metal band from Italy formed at the start of the millennium. This is their second LP, although the line up is completely different from the first disc.

The first song is an atmospheric intro that segues nicely into the main theme of the album. The second offering, ’Angeldevil’ establishes the template for the rest to come as the band skilfully blends thrashing, melody, piano-led acoustic ballad feel into a conscious whole. The guitar solos offer everything from melody to virtuoso speed, Manuele Pesaresi and Moreno Baldoni both excel. The drum work of Simone Polenta is splendid and the keyboard fills are tasteful. Singer Riccardo Curzi comes across as a Geoff Tate injected James LaBrie. (The latter influence wins, especially during the ballad parts) His headvoice and vibrato can be irritating a bit but the song writing is excellent and he has a great ability to create huge choruses.  ’The Never Ending Course of Time I’ is an instrumental that evokes the feel of the intro, its second part closes the disc. All the songs have enough variation to keep the interest with ’Salome’ being the best realisation of Firestorm’s style.

Excellent work, pick it up NOW!

1. A Cold Hand In A Warm Heart
2. Angeldevil
3. Falling Into Alienation
4. Tempus Flight
5. The Neverending Course Of Time Pt. 1 (Impulse Of The Heart)
6. Pictured By The Moon
7. Salome
8. Beyond Every Rational Thought
9. Shadows In My Mind
10. The Neverending Course Of Time Pt. 2 (Walls Of The Past)
Alkemist Fanatix
Reviewer: twansibon
Aug 4, 2009

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