Fister - Violence

The album starts off with war siren type feedback. There is no such thing as too slow. Sometimes you need something slow and gritty to iron out that shit mood.

Gritty, bruised and shit ridden. Wading through the sewage of everyday life. Trudging towards a dry place because there is no light at the end of the tunnel. There is no point in day dreaming of a better life. Instead we must look at the ever so subtle beauties in life. Glimpsing at them as we pass hurriedly by. "Violence III: Trail Of Tears," really sets the tone for the current world we live in. A world drenched in shit with only fragments of light. But oh how those fragments glisten and glimer throughout the darkness.

The album has an amazing progressive flow to it that truly ensnares you within its warmth. Like an all encompasing down blanket of doom. Perfect doom bliss.


  1. Violence I: Forced Extinction
  2. Violence II: The An Lushan Rebellion
  3. Violence III: Trail Of Tears
  4. Violence IV: Global Nuclear Annihilation
  5. Violence V: Megabolide (Return To The Heavens)