Fisthammer - Devour All You See

From Philadelphia in the US comes the debut full length release from the four piece Death Metal horde, Fisthammer! "Devour All You See" is a punishing affair that from the first moment to the last note throws itself head first into your personal space and from then on in messes with your chi until you can finally pluck up the courage to remove it from your stereo! Sledge-hammer like double kick drumming reverberates off of the inside of your skull whilst deep menacing growls keep you constantly on your toes, and all the while the thunderous riff-age plays out unabated and out of control!

Tight, aggressive and brutal, Fisthammer devour their audience in a fire storm of crushing riff-age, pummeling vocals and a vast ocean of breath taking drumming. Everything about the bands sound from the core of menacing strength to their more complex guitar solos reeks of quality and of much time in the practice room perfecting their talent and also their style of punishing Death Metal

Whether it be a fast paced Death Metal pounding or a slower grind like sound rising to a crescendo of carnage and destruction, Fisthammer at all time sound tight and as angry as they come! With their brutal, face stomping sound this band will literally imprint its seal onto your brain so that never again will you be able to see a raised fist high in the air saluting a feat of Metal godliness without thinking of the mighty Fisthammer!


  1. Intro _ The Final Hour Of Darkness
  2. Razorwaves
  3. Aten_ Fear The Obliteration Of Earth
  4. Kull The Conqueror
  5. Bullet Raped
  6. Berserkers
  7. Doom Of The Gods
  8. Harvest
  9. Zombocalypse
  10. Cross The Lines In Blood
  11. The Resurrection Of Bastet The Devourer