Fisthammer - Infallible

Wow! First off, the energy coming from this release is pretty spectacular! Normally, when I see a track called ‘Interlude’, it’s a wasted stop gap, but in ‘Infallibles’ case, it is very much needed. Each track is punchy death metal with some black metal open string infusions laying waste to your hearing at one point or another. The sense of power is amazing. The songs themselves, flow exceptionally well, they have plenty of variation, plenty of ideas and plenty of charisma that keeps this very much consistent album high on your attention span.

‘Automation Of Flesh’ is a massive technical experiment, but possessing an minor key odd ball sound when the open guitar string notes occur, prior to the bass guitar solo (that could have been higher in the mix to be fair), all encapsulated in a tirade of drum battery, a safe haven. ‘Thousand Yard Stare’ is again a technical marathon with a black metal guitar run here and there, the genuine level and delivery is rather damn good especially the slower Florida Death metal groove in the latter part of the song and whilst I’ve mentioned black metal I think it would be more comparable to add that the sound is like the incursive nature of Melechesh or Nile, with that eastern flavour added here and there, rather than an actual satanic worshipping juggernaut.

This album has battered me from start to finish, I really appreciate the music complexity and genius in the arrangements, the music is varied and so far away from stagnant. It’s not a technical overload, it’s a clever amalgamation of sounds, it works, it’s a damn fine release to own.

  1. Arithmos Tou Thēriou  
  2. Evoking The Wrath Of The Revenants  
  3. Temple Of Poseidon 
  4. Automaton Of Flesh 
  5. Doom Of The Gods Part II: Níðhöggr Winged Serpent Of Hel  
  6. Dismal Inveracity  
  7. Interlude 
  8. The Coven 
  9. Thousand Yard Stare
  10. Conjuration Of The Fire God


Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
May 14, 2014

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