Fitcage - Pigumanity

I have to admit, I had in recent times lost interest in crust/grind, purely because it lacked anything new. It's went through a phase when all bands wanted to sound like Nasum and this is where I drew the line. I just couldn't take it anymore. There was Rotten Sound, Regurgitate and a plethora of other bands who embraced the Nasum sound. It didn't help that they went to Miesko's (the late guitarist/vocalist for Nasum) to record so they all came out with a very similar production. Fitcage to me just sound like one of those "other" bands. Whilst the production is nasty and raw sounding and all instruments are played superbly, it just passes me by with absolutely nothing jumping out at me. Thing is Nasum always had these suckerpunch breakdowns and riffs that caught you by the bollocks and reminded you that they meant business. This doesn't happen with Fitcage. Nothing. Sure it's heavy and blasting but if it wasn't we'd really have alot more to talk about wouldn't we?! Fitcage remind me of a watered down Pigsty (Czech grind) but the thing is they were all out fast and again had those suckerpunch riffs amidst the breakneck speed. I just don't get it. Nothing separates Fitcage from the rest. It's got 18 tracks clocking in at 24 mins. I will never get those 24 mins back. I give this review for the playing involved but the deduction for lack of originality and complete lacking in songwriting. But then some folk might like that........... Oh and there's a Brutal Truth cover, "Stench Of Profit" which did perk my ears for abit but not enough to save it.

1. Everyday Hatred 
2. Children's Suicide 
3. Six Headshots 
4. Smiling Corpse 
5. Mass Disorder Instruction 
6. New World Slavery 
7. Fear and Loathing Everywhere 
8. Copsripper
9. Forced Ganja Penetration 
10. Single Bullet Theory 
11. Buried on a Junkyard  
12. Turn the Face to a Reality 
13. Stench of Prophet (cover Brutal Truth)
14. Civil Monkeys
15. Mentally Monstrosity 
16. Thirst of Violence 
17. Born to Kill 
18. Humanity for a Long Time in Hell
Soulflesh Collector
Reviewer: Connor
Nov 7, 2010

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