Five Dollar Crackbitch - Dehumanization

This time we are pleased to present this very powerful German band formed in Andernach by Stefan Höfer (vocals), Bernd Schäfer (guitar), Daniel Michel (guitar), Mark Brenner (bass & vocals), and Mariusz Samuljio (drums). They are Five Dollar Crackbitch! This year 2014 has started very strong for them, with the presentation of the piece that we have in our hands today: "Dehumanization".

The first thing that we highlight on this work, is the flawless sound quality, a very important factor when we are listening to a technical death metal as powerful as this, each instrument highlighted perfectly, and a combination of voices tight and well-located in each song.

Normally, we usually emphasize some tracks from the albums that we review, but this time, we'd recommend the album in its entirety, from the 'Prelude' to 'Eradication', song that closes the work, all the songs have a devastating riff's and have a very well studied composition, if we were to choose one, it would be 'Dehumanization', which gives the title to this album, has an excellent composition and some death-thrash little touches that I personally love.

A devastating rhythmic base formed by the drums and bass is the backbone that binds to a very well kept guitar work, unleashing a guttural tempest that fits perfectly to close a magnificent work.

Finally, we recommend our readers to pay special attention to this band, in the near future they will give much to talk about!

  1. Prelude
  2. Written In Blood
  3. Deathbeat At Dawn
  4. Remains Of Life
  5. Piece Of Flesh
  6. Dehumanization
  7. Eradication