Flavros - Det Svarta Riket

Flavros spawns from Gothenburg the second largest city in Sweden where it is not a surprising place where black metal would dwell. "Det Svarta Riket" is the fist work of blasphemy created by Flavros and hopefully not the last. Flavros might be only a demonic 2 piece however what they have done with "Det Svarta Riket" sounds like the work of legions- pure Swedish old black that makes a fine offering for unholy alliances.

Having been together since 2009 Flavros certainly took their time with their first full length creation "Det Svarta Riket" (which could translate to The Black Empire or The Black Reich) and the wait was well worth it. "Det Svarta Riket" is pure aggression all the way though. Cold,brutal and chaotic are the best ways of describing this album. The evil current runs strong here with each track leaving a chill within. Unfortunately I was unable to find a facebook page for this band or anything apart from the minor info of them listed on Metallium. If I am not totally blind and this band actually doesn't have a website or facebook then I will go out on limb and assume that this might be their way of keeping it really dark and real old school as per the Swedish underground scene hmmm ...

"Det Svarta Riket" is well produced and finely put together. Love the demonic vocals and the heavy guitar and bass riffs. Great guitar work and old styled drumming keeping this album in the black most definitely. The tracks flow nicely from one to the other and would say that this album has a solid framework and strong foundation creating a gloomy vibe and a haunting atmosphere yet showing no weakness and never a mellow moment. I do hope to hear more from Flavros in the near future.

  1. I Mörkrets Led  
  2. I Skuggan Av Korset  
  3. Syndarnas Fader  
  4. Svarta Själar  
  5. Ritual  
  6. I Mörkrets Djup  
  7. Nordiskt Stål  
  8. Nekromanten

Reviewer: Kindra Ravenmoon
Mar 26, 2016

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