Flaying - Commandments - Violated

From Latvia comes this band called Flaying. Originated in 2001 and now releasing their debut here in 2006. Flaying plays brutal death grind with some nice ideas. Of course you have the blastbeats, midtempo breakdowns, gutteral and scream vocals and the drums are battering the double bass pedals. But the guitars are mostly playing the quick finger riffs but doing some nice leads and few twisted hooks. Production is clear and the power drips out your speakers. With this debut the band gives a nice visitcard and when they progress you just become better and their next album will really be violeted the barriers.

1. No Life For You
2. Fallen Ones
3. Sacramental Masturbation
4. Flies. Myxu
5. Devouring Reality
6. Revenge From An Asylum
7. Butchers Family
8. Maniacal Depressive Psychosis
9. Injection
10. Seconds
Epidemie Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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