Fleshart - Art Brut

After two demos Fleshart is now releasing their official MCD thru Grindethic Records. Following the band from the beginning always happy to hear some new tunes. First two songs are new and still fitting the Fleshart glove. Brutal death metal with deep growls, crashing guitarriffs with leads and hard hitting drums. The songs are melodic and having enough tension. This MCD also contains a cover from Banished and the last track is the 2nd demo. A pity that there aren't more new songs on this MCD because is still tasting for more!

1. Formole lust
2. Instinctive addiction to cannibalism
3. Cast out the flesh... (cover of Banished)
4. I fuck you dead!
Grindethic Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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