Fleshdoll - Blood Red District

Founded in 2001 that’s an awful lot of death metal to be unleashed on the general public for sure and now the latest offing "Blood Red District".

Holds some quite complex technical moments and is indeed the heavier end of the scale. It also boasts small samples of voice as well as some melodic rhythms amid its infested slurry of putridity.

I.A.M (In Articulo Mortis)
Is a caustic tirade of extreme battering’s and low key vocal that is like a stab with a rusty nail.  The braying guitar riffs also hold an uncompromising and unmerciful prowess.

World of Terror
Dark and powerful this rhythm is likely to impale your ears on its spiky groove and drive further into the psyche. The malignancy growing like a vile cancerous lump.

Soundtrack To Extinction
Is a hard edged flank of solid bass hooks and vehement riffs that are ripe and ready to infest the audial in an all-out seething, guided by a monstrous vocal that simply has no limitations!

Blood Red District
Plays havoc with the ears as it tosses its repugnance from one ear to the other and taunts with a never ending amount of vexation and agitation, with some extreme melodic riffs that warrant further investigation.

Blind Winter Light
Is an angular track that has a lot of dark corners and varying traits, one being a stark ambiance that lingers and is rather cold and heartless.

Dogs On Drugs
Shifts back to its comfort zone but still none the less heavy and defined by a rapacious beat and monstrous riffs all washed down with a strong vocal enterprise.

“Its darker edged passages are forged with a deathly repugnance and bound to appeal with its alluring edginess – superb album!”

Battle Royale
This track more than scratches the surface it annihilates it! Being a beast with more than two horns! Its rhythms are likely to cast you down where you stand.  Creative and energetic it offers a feast of metal and more besides!

The Cave
Can simply boast about its varying scales of rapture and intrigue as it flies off the handle and engages with a dark vibrant blow to the skull! The intimidation never far away it smacks with a bruising intensity that embellishes the ears.

The final track is upon us and the band have closed their album with this creeping toxic composition that ambles with heavy laden feet. Spicing it up is a healthy slice of rhythm that is fast and furious with a melodic vein running through its dark core.

From start to finish Fleshdoll engage and have produced a defining album of varying consistencies. In an attempt to intimidate they have created a maelstrom of madness that never stops until the album comes to a close. Each track carries its own addictive qualities and swamps the audial with an expanding pleasure that grows and grows! Its darker edged passages are forged with a deathly repugnance and bound to appeal with its alluring edginess – superb album!

  1. 2084
  2. I.A.M (In Articulo Mortis)
  3. World Of Terror
  4. Soundtrack To Extinction
  5. Blood Red District
  6. Blind Winter Light
  7. Dogs On Drugs
  8. Battle Royale
  9. The Cave
  10. Maelstrom