Fleshdoll - Feeding The Pigs

On this occasion, we are pleased to review this great work that comes from Toulouse, France, a very powerful tech-death metal band called Fleshdoll!

Formed in 2001, the current lineup is Bastich: vocals, Remy: bass, Chili: guitars, Pat "Billy": guitars and Sam Santiago: drums. They have released three albums, and we have at hand today is perhaps their best work so far: "Feeding The Pigs".

Starting to hear this work, many things come to my mind immediately, there are many death metal bands we hear every day, but when they come from France, there is always something that is different, I do not mean this to be better or worse than other bands, just different, a special taste to the time of writing, a lot of professionalism, there is almost always a great sound, and an overwhelming power, this is always appreciated.

That's when I start to dig a little about the history of this band, and listening to their music, no wonder they have played with so many good and  renowned bands!

Overall, the album is a display of strength, masterful technique, in songs like 'Feeding The Pigs', 'Collateral Murder', or 'A Feast For The Rats' three brutalities very tasteful to the opening of this work, and also in other songs like 'The Hollow Man' and 'The Shadow Of A Man​​', just to name a few, because in my opinion, the entire CD is highly recommended.

To close this circle of creativity and anger, we find two songs that are equally interesting than its predecessors, 'King Of Patusan' and 'North Sentinel Island', with which we understand the excellent compositional work of these excellent musicians, which also count in their ranks with a former Gorod, as drummer.

Finally, I recommend this work to all our readers, please, do a favor to yourselves and be sure to listen Fleshdoll!

  1. Feeding The Pigs
  2. Collateral Murder
  3. A Feast For The Rats
  4. The Wolf
  5. Dead Monochrome
  6. The Hollow Men
  7. The Shadow Of A Man
  8. Ecstatic Random Carnage
  9. King Of Patusan
  10. North Sentinel Island