Fleshgore - Denial Of The Scriptures

In my book,Dave Rotten's label Xtreem Music means first class extreme metal and Fleshgore are no exception. This three piece band comes from Ukraine and "Denial Of The Scriptures" is their fifth full-length album which is as well their first release for the above mentioned label.

First thing that makes impression in "Denial Of The Scriptures" is the cover artwork done by a guy whose nickname is Seeming Watcher (check out his page in deviantart.com). The production of the album is also quite good having in mind that it's been recorded in the home studio of the guitarist (and also foundinng member of the band) Igor Lystopad. As for the music, from the start of the opening track 'Talk To Me About God', Dying Fetus is the band that comes to mind. Just like them, Fleshgore are also a trio and besides the guitarist Igor, the other two members are Lev Kurgansky (drums) and Ruslan Drozd who is responsible for the bass parts and the deep growls. Morbid Angel and Suffocation are another two bands that have an influence on the Fleshgore sound. Expect nothing but technical guitar riffs, blasting drumming and rumbling bass - old school brutal death metal at its best! The last track is a Pyaemia cover which is a perfect ending to this heavy as hell record.

Besides all the political turmoil recently, Ukraine still has a prolific extreme metal scene and Fleshgore are one of its best representatives. If you are into high quality brutal death metal then this album is a must hear!

  1. Talk To Me About God
  2. Inception Of Incursion
  3. Stop The Possessor
  4. Killing Relapse
  5. Forgotten Knowledge
  6. Bloody Hands Of Aggressor
  7. New Ordeal Comes Into The World
  8. Numinosum
  9. Denial Of The Scriptures
  10. Gorging On Musuc And Bile (cover Pyaemia)