Fleshgore - May God Strike Me Dead

Ukraine is not really famous for its metal bands but here is one. And a fucking good one!! Fleshgore is playing brutal death metal in the US style. Deep guttural vocals with pig screams, rapid tempo with double bass blasts and intense riffing. Count with that the furious leads and tempo changes and you can make an image for yourself. Fleshgore is not re-inventing the brutal death metal scene but play a nice piece of dedication. An album that stands like a wall and oh so nice. I have new friends from the Ukraine!! Fucking awesome.

1. Crackdown
2. Fag-end
3. Day of doom
4. Passion
5. Obtrusion
6. Greed
7. No way out!
8. Rape it self (time to stop)
9. Twisted reality
This Dark Reign Recordings
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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