Fleshgrind - The Seeds of Abysmal Torment

Your flesh will surely grind with this release of the band from 1993. The second album is faster and more chaotic thean their debut “Destined for Defilement”. Brutality is a simple statement for this album. Maximum brutality should fit better.

If you don’t listen to this one you should be ashamed!

1. Destroying Your Will
2. Desire For Control
3. Monarch Of Misery
4. Disdain The Mournful
5. The Deviating Ceremonies
6. Hatred Embodied
7. Seas Of Harrow
8. A Legion Of Illusions
9. The Supreme Art Of Derangement
10. Hogtied And Hatefucked
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Sep 4, 2001

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