Floodstain - Dreams Make Monsters

Floodstain is a band from the Netherlands and released their first album in 2001. The band started out as Between, if you remember them. But you can hear similarities with a well known Ductch band Heavy Lord as two of the Heavy Lord members participate on this release.

"Dreams Make Monsters" was sent to me by their label and this is the first time I hear the band. On this album you can hear 7 tracks in a pleasant atmosphere. The band plays melodic heavy sludge rock with depressive intonations. Clean vocals with a raw edge that are not yelling but singing. Guitars are dealing with heavy riffs in rock melodies but with a sleezy sauce. The guitarist is also doing nice leads that are played with a bluesy feeling. The tempo of the tunes are steady driven mid paced but containing several changes in the melody lines.

The album is enjoyable to listen to althought it is not a blast album or metal violence but more a listening album with melodic sludge doom rock.

1. Monster
2. Love Is Poison
3. Trailblazer
4. You Lose Alone
5. Deathwish
6. Stray Dogs
7. End Of Trail
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Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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