For Many Reasons - Make Your Own

This French band are labelled as death metal, however, I would say they are more gothic death similar to a band like Crematory (Deu) as there is a fair bit of keyboard use. All of this adds atmosphere, but it also as pedal to the metal speed when they do change things up a bit, like on ‘Silence’ which combines both these accolades but the aforementioned track will also find you discovering some industrial elements too via a consistent album production.

The instrumental pieces use keyboards and other elements provide some nice aesthetics that actually compliment the standard guitar structures. The clean vocal melody on ‘Truth’ is really appealing and gives the slight miserable track a great boost of moral, some brighter promise, I do like this arrangement even if I am not that comfortable with the death growl style that also appears on this tune.

Overall, ‘Make Your Own’ may not be something that is really redeeming for me personally, but I definitely appreciate the song structures and arrangements, hence my rating. For fans of this style, it may well be quite a cool release, but for a casual fan, the long song durations may wain your attention unless you can embrace the clever idiosyncrasies added beyond the standard guitar, bass and drum musical instruments that for me prove that there is more to this band than first impressions may warrant.

  1. Hell
  2. Way
  3. Hole
  4. Sky
  5. Colors
  6. Truth
  7. Silence
  8. Funeral