Forgotten Forest - Wiederkehr

At first I have to mention that I´m not the biggest Black Metal fan on earth, but I´ll try my very best to be fair and honest as usual. Forgotten Forest is a rather unknown band crawling out of the dungeons of Ibbenbüren, Germany. If you take a look at their history, you´ll easily imagine this self financed EP isn´t the first sign of life. These worshippers of the horned guy already recorded two demos. The first one was never released, but the follow up saw the dark light of day back in 2006 and was entitled “Lebensleid”. So “Wiederkehr” is the bands first offering after 4 years of complete silence and it all starts with the solemn keyboard dominated instrumental track “Auftakt - Heimatgang”. Being the constant core of Forgotten Forest, drummer Misanthrop and guitar abuser Loscurita went through numerous line-up changes to finally complete the rout with the right fellows. By adding some keyboard passages, the band made a step forward and evolved to an early Emperor inspired Black Metal outfit. Production wise, “Wiederkehr” is pretty raw and weak-bassed, but far above a crappy garage recording. In fact this EP was recorded in a studio somewhere in Münster, Germany during May 2010. Ranging from blast beats to more solemn parts, the tracks on “Wiederkehr” are varied enough to find new friends among the underground Black Metal supporters. Unfortunately the vocals are a bit too one-dimensional. The only exception is the song “Erloesung” where some darker growls were added. Right at this point a lot more recognition value unfolds and increases the entertainment factor. “Sphaerengang” is the second instrumental song on this release, which is once again pretty solemn and closes the circle. In my opinion, the guys of Forgotten Forest should have recorded another track with vocals, but that´s of course open to dispute. The result is a solid EP with a total playing time of about 27 minutes. It´s also strictly limited to 100 copies, so you better hurry up to get your claws on this interesting snapshot of the German underground Black Metal scene.

1. Auftakt - Heimatgang
2. Wiederkehr
3. Lebensleid Kapitel II
4. Erloesung
5. Sphaerengang

Self released
Reviewer: Alex
Oct 27, 2010

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