Forgotten Tears - Words To End

Forgotten Tears is a hard driving Metalcore band who hails from Milan Italy and formed in 2005. They are an amalgamation of hardcore, thrash, melodic death and extreme metal. The album begins with the song “Words To End” which is a slamming assault on the listener. Full of speed and mixed bridges. This song is a killer opening song. The next song, “Inner Memories” is a hard hitting tune with excellent guitar riffs and hard hitting vocals. “The Truth Is For Sale” is another hard kick ass song which keeps the album flowing right along. The next song, “Frail Reality” changes things up a bit mixing clean vocals in with the brutal vocal style provided up to this point. The song “Reflection” which clocks in at 1 minute 13 seconds slows things down a bit before jumping into “Resistance” which is another hard song with a mixture of hard and clean vocals. “My Fault” is an all out slam fest, heavy as hell with excellent breaks in timing and tempo. “Still Nothing Inside” jumps in right where “My Fault” leaves off not missing a beat and gives the album really good continuity. “Thoughts Killed My Sleep” is yet another hard driving song with a mixture of hard and clean vocals, Killer guitar work along with pounding bass and drums. “Final24” is a song with a very intense groove about it. This song is one of my most favorite ones on this album. The album concludes with “Eye” which is an instrumental which to me is very reminiscent of 80’ metal and is a very appropriate ending to this album.

This album is put together very well musically and produced excellently as well.  This was a very enjoyable listen for me me and all in all I would recommend this album to anyone who is a fan of Metalcore or bands such as In Flames, Unearth, All Shall Perish, At The Gates etc.

  1. Words To End
  2. Inner Memories
  3. The Truth Is For Sale
  4. Frail Reality
  5. Reflection
  6. Resistance
  7. My Fault
  8. Still Nothing Inside
  9. Thoughts Killed My Sleep
  10. Final24
  11. Eye