Formless Terror - A Pax Of Heretical Evolution

Cobe (guitars), Zile (vocals) and Stefan (drums) are three guys from Skopje, Macedonia who would love to make your ears bleed with their second full-length album "A Pax Of Heretical Evolution". From the first tunes of the opening track 'Giants Of Unconquarable Bloodline', Suffocation is the name that comes to mind. Formless Terror attack with heavy guitar riffs, blasting drumming and Zile's growls that as furious as those of Frank Mullen. All this is supported by a high quality production. Besides the usual aggression, the music has also lots of groove moments as well as slower passages. The second track 'Protocols Of Necroformation' reminds me of Broken Hope and taken as a whole the nine tracks in this album are created to sound like brutal and technical death metal without any crazy musical experiments. And there are no guitar solos throughout the whole record! Another big plus is the impressive cover artwork which is a pleasure for the eye.

Formless Terror are a pleasant surprise for me since I know some Macedonian bands but this is the first technical brutal death metal band I hear from that country. All fans of Suffocation, Cryptopsy and Cannibal Corpse should give an ear to "A Pax Of Heretical Evolution" - this album is really worth listening.

  1. Giants Of Unconquerable Bloodline
  2. Protocols Of Necroformation
  3. Barbarism
  4. Enslave, Absorb, Transform
  5. Scorching Orion
  6. Spectacle Of Cosmic Debauchery
  7. Havoc Star
  8. Ascend Into Perfect Anomaly
  9. Bowels Of Chaos