Foul Body Autopsy - Perpetuated By Greed

I will state here and now that I am not keen on one man death metal projects even though I am quite happy with it in black metal, though most of those acts don't play live. Having seen the occasional one man metal project live using a backing tape (old phrasing I know) for drums mainly the performances come across as sterile even though the guitar playing capability is top notch from guys like Shawn Whitaker (Insidious Decrepancy) and Sammy Urwin (Regurgitated Life). Tom Reynolds whose work falls under the guise of Foul Body Autopsy from the UK has produced an absolute brute of an album that has a head caving and torso imploding production. With regular output and oft politicised stances Tom has taken this new offering into the realms of how fucked up the world has become which I'm sure we can all relate to in these days of corporate domination making governments take a shafting up the rear end in total capitulation, but I digress.

Opening with the title track and the brilliant words spoken by Paul Charles Dozsa during his arrest and captured on film saying "Gentlemen this is democracy manifest" as droning guitar feedback and an inauspicious drum beat that is bludgeoned aside as the tune kicks into gear. Playing wise there is a lot of thrash riffing on the opener that makes the track possess a razoring ferocity that the programmed drums (probably the best I've ever heard on an extreme metal release) hammer home with metronomic nihilism. Most of the songs are short as the whole EP covers just over eleven minutes that continues with 'Enslaved The Rest Of Creation' a riff fest that is hurled at the listener like riff grenades.  With such high velocity riffing and potent momentum 'Chewed Up By The Machine' sits like flaming napalm within the auditory canals as yet more thrash riffing is exhibited here. Slowing things down a tad is 'Destabilized Perception' and whilst the overall structure of all the songs is deathly guised Tom's ability to inject vitriolic riffs from the deathrash fusion is seditious and brimming with combustible anarchy, none more so than the 35 seconds of 'Devoid Of Humanity'. Closing the EP is 'Complete Environmental Collapse' which clocks the four minute mark and initiates with a steadfast drum beat and slower riff that builds incrementally towards the upward surge in speed which is not blasted but signalled by a cracking riff and snapping snare. The guitar work out is all over the place as Tom manages to grab the throat with his expertise as his vocal tirade is suitably guttural as those riffs and hooks shoot out barbarously.

This is a jack hammering release equivalent to a sonic nail gun to the temples as Tom has recorded a set of songs that are bristling with anarchic corruption and I strongly urge death metal fanatics to check his work out.

  1. Perpetuated By Greed
  2. Enslaved The Rest Of Creation
  3. Chewed Up By The Machine
  4. Destabilized Perception
  5. Devoid Of Humanity
  6. Complete Environmental Collapse