Foul Body Autopsy - So Close To Complete Dehumanization

Foul Body Autopsy is the death metal project of Tom Reynolds from Leicester, England. He named his one-man band after a Necrophagist song and under that moniker he managed to release four EP's and one full-length album. "So Close To Complete Dehumanization" is his latest offering where you will find two tracks of heavy music.

Tom plays all the instruments and I might say that he is good at them all. The first track 'So Close To Complete Annihilation' starts with death/thrash guitar riffing which changes after a while into a hardcore passage and then all of a sudden the sound goes black metal with keyboard lines similar to those of Emperor. Obviously Tom Reynolds is open for experiments and his instrumental skills allow him to switch successfully between different genres. The second piece of music titled 'Born Into A Manmade Hell' offers more straightforward death metal that is again mixed with some symphonic black metal stuff. The sound of this EP is on a decent level and the balance between the different instruments is good. This is an interesting release from a talented musician so check this out without fear.

  1. So Close To Complete Dehumanization
  2. Born Into A Manmade Hell