Four Seats For Invalides - Defy

Existing since 1992 and now delivering their third album. The band plays grind metal with influences from other styles. But don't most band do that? FSFI is ramming 16 tracks in a half hour in high tempo. The songs have some breaks to slower or even faster parts. 2 Styled vocals over a drumcomputer (and some other programming stuff) and distorted guitars. Nice CD that is easy listening. A remarkable thing about this disc is that it is released on three labels.

1. Stsirorretoib
2. Press my life
3. Dirty hands of powerful
4. Bastard’s billboard
5. Megashock
6. Medial massage
7. Distress
8. Corrosive
9. Chemopheles
10. Hideousness coming from deepness
11. Hot zone
12. Stoned by horror
13. Midnight shit city
14. Wormz
15. Streetball violence
16. Chemofeles (rehearsal session)
Cephalic Recs
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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