Fractal Point - The Bizarre Machinery Of Universe

Fractal Point (Switzerland) created this full length structure around the concept of astrophysics. This means multi-dimensional melodic deathmetal performed with mathematical precision. Fresh thrashing guitarriffs merged with interesting harmonic melodies and mesmerizing leads. Drumming is uptempo, hyper and dymanic which creates a nice vibe in the songs. Some acoustical and instrumental intermezzos provide some resting points for your brains. Vocals are growling, perfectly fitting to the music. This band managed to capture incomprehandable theories into a highly recommendable piece of intelligence.

1. 10^-20 [s]
2. At the beginning
3. Saturnian
4. Chaos unification
5. Cosmic fields
6. Parallel worlds
7. Material substance
8. The dimensional experiment
9. Dark matter
10. Celestial corpse
Dead Sun Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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