Fractured Insanity - Man Made Hell

I haven't listened to the previous two releases of the Belgian death metal monsters Fractured Insanity but their new album "Man Made Hell" is a bloody great piece of solid and intense Xtreem music! This record will literally smash your skull with devastating blastbeats,ripping guitar riffs, nice melodic leads and the fierce growls of the new member of the band Stefan Van Bael (bass/vocals).

Fractured Insanity's love for Suffocation is evident on the first two tracks 'Habitual Killer' and 'The Blame Of Humanity'. Another obvious fact is the high level of instrumental skills of the guys in the band especially those of the beast behind the drum kit Ignace. They know how to play tight, aggressive and with the needed dose of groove to keep things interesting. Influences from Kataklysm can be noticed in 'Forced To Rome' and from Behemoth in 'Inferno Of A Narcissist' which starts with melodic piano intro. Some acoustic guitar passages appear in the title track 'Man Made Hell' just to be drowned in a storm of riffs and grinding drumming.

Nile is also a band that is respected by Fractured Insanity as the influence of the 'egyptian' death metallers may be found in the closing track 'Suicidal Holiness'. Some black metal passages also find their way in the overall brutal and technical death metal sound. The good point is that Fractured Insanity don't fall in the trap of senseless instrumental wankery - "Man Made Hell" is filled with remarkable and groovy songs that will give delight to every fan of high-qualitative death metal. If you happen to be one of those then waste no time and grab this album - it's worth every second!

  1. Habitual Killer
  2. The Blame Of Humanity
  3. Forced To Rome
  4. Inferno Of A Narcissist
  5. Man Made Hell
  6. One Shot Salvation
  7. A Blasted Life
  8. Suicidal Holiness