From The Ashes - Heading For Dystopia

Insane crusty grind core!! Hardcore thrash influnced mayhem!!! From The Ashes have been spanking the scene among other things since 2002! "Heading For Dystopia" Kicks more ass than Chuck Liddell! And thats alot of ass! Only 2 songs over a minute long. This record is pure rage and intensity caught digitally! Pick this record up and lay waste to all in the pit!!! This is another cd that goes well beyond recommended! For fans of Nasum, Brutal Truth, Napalm Death, and Gorerotted!

1. Cash Is King
2. Heading For Dystopia
3. Blame The Victim
4. Hem Ljuva Hem
5. The Perfect World
6. Drop The Act
7. Buy The Lie
8. Under The Big Eye
9. Inget Krangel
10. Det Allseende Ogat
11. Demons
Self released
Reviewer: Rick
Feb 26, 2009

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