Frontside - Twilight Of The Gods

Dubbed as "First step in the mental revolution" Frontside provides a masterful release with "Twilight of the Gods," a title that has been used before but who cares! Frontside is Polish metalcore with machismo vox like Vader with occasional Killswitch Engage melodic breakdown and acidic black metal harmony screams thrown in for good measure. Tight as fuck riff breaks a little like Meshuggah, swarming guitars, melodic guitar solos -- did I mention they are tight as fuck? Frontside contains former members of Behemoth and Decapitated, and they won an award in 2003 for being "Most devastating band" in Poland. If they keep coming out with quality shit like this people will soon be referring to Frontside as most devastating band in the world!!!

1. Apocalypse Continues
2. Burden Of Hell
3. Messiah Syndrome
4. We Are Destined To Burn
5. Hurricane
6. Appeal For Forgiveness
7. Absolution Hour
8. Embrace This Promise
9. Shape Of Pain
10. Redemption Symphony
11. Exhaling Final Breath
Dockyard 1
Reviewer: mykke
Feb 26, 2009

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