Fuelblooded - Off The Face Of The Earth

Fuelblooded's sophomore album, "Off The Face Of The Earth" comes at you full force and kicks your ass. The Dutch melodic death thrash metal outfit proves you can have the best of both worlds. They have fused melodic death metal and thrash metal in an absolute perfect way. It's heavy hitting melodic bliss at its finest.

The vocals are excellent. Peter Brinkman can switch from deep heavy death metal growls to clean melodic thrash vocals seamlessly. The mix between the two is perfect on this album.  Peter has excellent range and ability, his voice is perfect for the music. The heavy thrashy death metal guitars could not better. Michiel and Danny put together a wonderful mix of harmony, heaviness, and speed. They provide excellent transitions between tempos and rhythms. These are some talented guitarist to say the least. The beat of the heavy hitting drums is terrific and the bass lines provide excellent background stability to this album.

"Discounted Dormancy" is a strong track...excellent deep growly death metal vocals. It has nice harmony yet heavy guitar work. The last track on the album, "Demonized", comes on strong with heavy in-your-face guitars and vocals. Norbert Moe's relentless fast drumming takes you all through the song. Also included on the album is their first official video for the track "The End Starts Here." It's a good no frills first video. You can feel the band's energy as you watch them perform on stage.

Overall this is a great release. The production quality is excellent. The lyrics and music are well written, original, creative, and complex. The album artwork is great. This is a very professional album. This release is a mix of thrash and melodic death metal at its finest.  These guys have found their nitch... their own style/sound and have brought it to the metal scene with a powerful punch.

Peter Brinkman - Vocals
Michiel Rutten - Guitars
Danny Tunker - Guitars
Michel Steenbekkers - Bass
Norbert Moen - Drums

1. The End Starts Here
2. Discounted Dormancy
3. When Passion Dies
4. Recipe for Demise
5. The Cult of Ego
6. Off the Face of the Earth
7. The Wrath of A'ath
8. Pandemic Persecution
9. Demonized

The End Starts Here (Video)

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Reviewer: SweetSinz
Feb 15, 2010

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