Fulci – Tropical Sun

The Italian slam death metal trio Fulci are back with their latest album, "Tropical Sun". This album is their second full-length album and was released under Time To Kill Records. Hailing from Caserta, Italy Fulci is composed of Dome (guitar, synth), Fiore (vocals), and Klem (bass).

This album pulls no punches with its content, but just like the horror films that inspired them, Fulci make solid use of the atmosphere of their album. Fulci make use of various intros on their songs to set the tone of a horror-inspired band. This is best shown and done on 'Matul Tribal Cult' and 'Legion Of The Resurrected'.

This album isn’t only atmosphere though – there’s meat on these bones. 'Apocalypse Zombie' is two minutes of fuck-your-face slam death complete with some of the best guitars and rhythms I’ve heard in this genre. 'Legion Of The Resurrected' has a guitar that rivals Morbid Angel at their peak – and that’s not counting the breakdowns.

Two other songs I quite enjoyed were 'Eye Full Of Maggots' and 'Blue Inferno'. 'Eye Full Of Maggots' is the peak of drumming and vocals on this album. If you want to see exactly what Fiore and Klem are capable of, listen to this. 'Blue Inferno' has a long intro – roughly a half minute on a song not much longer, but this intro compliments the vocals and the same riff peeks its way back in through other parts of the song. It sort of mirrors the rest of album in that it has a core theme and it keeps returning to it, and I love that.

It’s solid slam death, it has a great theme (classic horror from Lucio Fulci), it has amazing guitars. I can pick out influences and similarities to the greats like Dying Fetus, Morbid Angel, and even the slam death legends of Devourment. The only thing keeping this from a perfect score is that I’d love to see a bit more use of the synth.


1. Voodoo Gore Ritual
2. Tropical Sun
3. Apocalypse Zombie
4. Splatter Fatality
5. Matul Tribal Cult
6. Legion Of The Resurrected
7. Palms By The Cemetery
8. Witch Doctor
9. Genetic Zombification
10. Eye Full Of Maggots
11. Church Of The Undead
12. Blue Inferno
13. Immortality Virus
14. March Of The Living Dead