Funebris - Triumph Of The Everlasting Fire

Here is the debut CD from the uncompromising BM band from Germany. After a few demos, which made a path in the underground, it is time to spread their aggression to a bigger audience.
Nine tracks of raw, rough, satanic, war that are pounding and tormenting your black head. Forget keyboards and make yourself up for the bavarian war.

1. Enslave The Willpower
2. Funeral Anthem
3. Seduced By The Unlight
4. Armaggedic Allegiance
5. Cathedral Of Sin
6. Beyond The Gates Of Paradise
7. Apocalypse Of A Dark Age
8. Obscure Dominion
9. Triumph Of The Everlasting Fire
Last Episode
Reviewer: twansibon
Sep 9, 2001

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