G.O.R.E - Never Sober Level

There used to be a band named Escape but when they got a new drummer in 2000 they changed the name into G.O.R.E but unfortunately they are more band in the metal scene using this name but nevertheless this band is stepping out the big pond of great grind bands in the Czech Republic. Wow that is a long opening sentence but hey that are also their track titles.... Anyway the band is mixing grind with humor ("you pii") in faaassst songs with polka mid paced rhythms. The music on "Never Sober Level" are really party songs like you see in the three videoclips. When they start you can jump but when they speed up you crack your neck and when you are getting tired you can dance again on that polka rhythm. Yeah this is a really nice apetiter and that cover version they did of that La Bouche song "Be My Lover" is briljant!

1. Stiff Ass, Macrophallus Much Passion, More Gel
2. Why Pay For Love, When All Are Free
3. Black Bell Is White Heart Thrashing After Some Time Is Knock Down, We Hope To White
4. Ears Tearing Sound Of Vibraor Is Smashing Up Womens Inward Organism (Mans Too!)
5. When Thousnad Womens Are pouring One Palate Is Too Little
6. Pink Lady Already Isn't Smell Good, Long Lips Are darken
7. Long Life For King Of Animals! Pig Is King! Eat Him All!
8. Food? To Me! Sex? To Me! Hooch? To Me! Work? It's Your Job!
9. Look At Toilet Bowl Reminds Me Of Your Face, My Baby
10. Widgeon Is Finding Snake For Nightlfy
11. Song About Greenpeace Man Vomiting Not So Good Swallow Tofu Cheese
12. Bush Is Pig - Fidel Castro Still Alive - Hitlerrrrrrrrr - Usama Really?
3 videoclips

Khaaranus Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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