G.O.R.E - Stand Up Sexy Ladies, The Boogie Band Is Here!

G.O.R.E (Grind of Rising Emotions) is a (you guessed it!) grind band from the Czech Republic and judging by the track titles, they have a sense of humour or quite frankly a sick sense too. Whatever way you tend to take this, you should not dismiss this band for their music at least. SUSLTBBIH sits somewhere between late 90’s Napalm Death and the crazy minds of folks like Macabre. Spazzmatic is a decent recount of some of the vocals, there are the death growls that suit the style, but the insane stuff, no…this simply label’s them as a joke act.

G.O.R.E obviously like a joke cause the final track ‘Thanks daddy for all that you gave me’ is a bastardised Boney M track (‘Daddy Cool’), funny to listen too but without being too throwaway you have to check out ‘Don´t worry honey, I just want to see you inside out’ which is a little more serious, even with the killer groove of the album title track, they really don’t lend themselves to high class art with such vocals styles, however musically this is quite acceptable as recited on ‘Your eyes remind me Ice Age squirrel’. So long as you know this doesn’t ooze serious career changing music you will be in a better place to entertain this release. For its vocal floors, there is simply something that the devil in me wants to admit to liking this, just about anyway.

  1. No Madam, Bed Isn´t Wright Place For Playing
  2. So Nice, So Sweet, So Hot. So Young . Ohh My God!
  3. Tight To Tight, Thick To Thick? So Why Are We Together, Honey?
  4. Don´t Worry Honey, I Just Want To See You Inside Out
  5. Twice Is Too Much??? Thrice Is Not Enough!!! I Wanna Scream All The Night
  6. Stand Up Ladies, The Boogie Man Is Here
  7. Your Eyes Remind Me Ice Age Squirrel
  8. My Tiny Pussycat Meowing And Meowing. Where Are You My Tomcat?
  9. Give Me Something More Than Flowers, Mick!
  10. It Doesn´t Mean That We Belong To Each Other After Last Night
  11. So Many Shits On My Sheet
  12. Your High Heels Broke My Heart But Doesn´t Hurt Me
  13. Thanks Daddy For All That You Gave Me