Gacys Threads - The Ignorance Of Purity

Ireland and hardcore are two things that i often hear go hand in hand. When listening to Gacy's Threads' EP 'The Ignorance Of Purity', only two things come to mind; It's loud, and it's stupidly heavy. Heavy enough that it may even be creeping into other genres such as metalcore, or even spazz/death-grind. The five tracks on the EP pummel with the audacity for anyone to re-consider if this is even music. If your parents caught you blaring this CD they would think twice about whether you're normal or not.

However, none of that really matters in the underground scene of hardcore, because nobody gives a shit as long as there are people turning up to the shows, and showing off their moves. Self titled EP intro is peaceful compared to what is to come, and offers a refreshing breather instead of rushing the music, as some hardcore bands are known for (*Cough*Dead Swans*Cough*). 'Weight Of The Wretched' is a hectic blur of raging metallic sounding guitar riffs, backed up with enough shouting that the singer probably doesn't have a voice anymore.

These ruthless tracks continue to decimate throughout, proving that the EP has some potential in the scene. Although hardly offering any different sounding material from the previous track, 'Hope Bleeds Into Despair' belts it's way at becoming a true favourite in the selection, often resembling The Dillinger Escape Plan at times, and I'm willing to bet they're one of the bands' major influences.

If you're unaware of the upcoming Ireland metal scene, i would heavily recommend Red Enemy, or Hero In Error before introducing you to these energetic, instrument abusing musicians (That's a compliment). To sum up what Gacy's Threads sound like; I'd imagine this type of music to be playing constantly in the mind of a mental patient, except i would most likely enjoy that.

  1. The Ignorance Of Purity
  2. Weight Of The Wretched
  3. Hope Bleeds Into Despair
  4. Blackheart
  5. To The Death