Gae Bolga - Violent MetalStorm

Now here we have a band that started in 1999 on a heavy drinking session in Belgium (what else is new). I guess many drinking sessions followed because this is their first full length. This doesn't matter at all because this music is timeless..

This is just a piece of old school thrashmetal they way it is intended to be... Violent, uncompromising and making you thirsty for beer and liquor while banging your head and trash a local bar. Mostly up-tempo speedriffing on the guitars, pounding drums and higher pitched aggressive vocals.. all in 80's style... Of course there is the necessary variation in tempos but not too much... The sound is clear but nothing fancy here. Not aming to be an original band in this age of false metal, but they surely show how to play this music tight and with a good vibe... A total worship of old school metal, mostly influenced by the German way of thrash if you ask me... Perfect release for another violent drinking session.

1. Blood Of The Demon
2. Pray For Death
3. Smell My Jacket
4. Violent MetalStorm
5. BolgaBangersBall
6. Mambo Nr. 666
7. Cemetary At Midnight
8. Dr. Oetkah
9. Mutants Will Reign
10. ThrashAssassination
Emanes Metal Records
Reviewer: Nydoom
Feb 1, 2011

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