Galadriel - From Ashes & Dust

Fourth album from this doom, dark, death metal band out of Slovakia. Didn't know them before and would let their sound come over me. Surely helped a lot with the good production the songs presents atmosphere and power. Main vocals are brutal male but sometimes there comes a clear female voice. Tempo of the songs vary. The guitars are really nice with some passionate leads. Listening to this album is like floating on a river, enjying the ride and the surroudings.

1. Thorns
2. From ashes & dust
3. Strong one against the storm
4. Dark erotica
5. A horned man
6. I’m everything
7. The remembrance
8. 2848
9. Armies of valinor
10. Among your tears
11. The bard’s song - the hobbit (cover Blind Guardian)

Metal Age Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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