Generous maria - Electricism

This second album is released on the stonerrock label Buzzville and containing 11 tracks. Generous Maria comes from Gothenburg and plays stoner mixed with heavy rock. To me the guitars are very similair to AC/DC riffs and have that rock n roll feeling. Vocals are done in a clean version but sound a bit raw. The songs are groovy, sludgy and rocking. And with some beers in your hand and some in the fridge this album rocks.

1. The Chilling Effect
2. Sheer Violence
3. All Wrong Alright
4. Precious And Grace (cover ZZ Top)
5. Slit-Eyed Lizard
6. She's Got Plans For Me
7. Ripe
8. Out Of My Head
9. Bootlicker
10. It's Called Love
11. Li'l Crisis Of Mine
Buzzville Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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