Genius Ultor - Dzien Nocy

Genius Ultor is the side-project of Polish metallers Stillborn, and were set up to allow the production of raw, if not as polished, death metal. This album for a start pulls the listener into a dark and twisted world through the intro track, by making the effects screech and squeal it’s as if you’ve been taken to a different world. It’s like being on a rollercoaster in the dark that has more twists and turns that your average crime novel.

The album then follows conventional death metal lines, with the heavy bass and speedy, slightly screechy guitars behind a powerful, gravelly yet high-pitched in places, vocal. The lyrics are in Polish, yet this does not detract from the album’s ability to take you to a different place, in fact it enhances it and adds to the confusion.

Each of the songs is short, yet works together to pull the album into a form of coherence not often found, yet it follows the journey that they want to take you on. The furious guitars and tortured squeals further add to this ability to take you on a journey, with the fast and hard drum work providing a base for this twisted, yet heavy sound. It’s like being stuck in a metal Lovecraftian fantasy as it subsumes you and pulls you down the corridors it creates. Taking the symphonic side is easy for this band, as each of the songs has its own personal interlude before crashing in with a squeal of guitars that takes control before the vocals have a chance to melt your mind. All set against the backdrop of hard and furious drum work that is unlike any other. This journey is a bit scary in places, but it’s one you’ll want to take.

  1. Introdukcja 
  2. Prawo Do Wojny Moim Jest 
  3. Antyfona 1 
  4. Apage Katabas 
  5. Antyfona 2 
  6. Dzień Nocy 
  7. Antyfona 3 
  8. Nienawiść 
  9. Antyfona 4 
  10. Rondle Wojny 
  11. Antyfona 5 
  12. Pożegnanie Ojczyzny 
  13. Antyfona 6 
  14. Zdrada 
  15. Antyfona 7 
  16. Agonia Ona 
  17. Koda

Reviewer: twansibon
Jan 30, 2012

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