Gerbe Of Life / Repudiate - Split

First release on Skull Fucked Prod and what a blast. Two bands from France that are hitting the UG for some time. First one to kick of is Gerbe Of Life with 11 songs in the brutal death/grind style. Lyrics in french but noone will notice, haha. Fast tracks with solid guitars and hammering drums. Some melody but most of the time uncompromising fury.

Repudiate has the honour to close this split and is doing that in no other way. 6 Tracks of brutal death with fucking great guitarleads. Brutal songs that hammer and slow down. Brutal vocals. Shit, like the guitars of this band.

This first release is worth the buy and hope to hear more of them.

Gerbe Of Life
1. Intro coma
2. Face cachee
3. Trouble psychologique
4. Bouffe de merde
5. Mascarade politique
6. Pedophiles "fils de pute"
7. Trafic d'organes
8. Insurmontable existence
9. Chretiente demagogie supreme
10. Solitude exacerbee
11. Vision apocalyptique

12. Ocean of storms
13. Blessed by emptyness
14. Devoted to betrayal
15. Hangman's smile
16. Spiritual way
17. Bloody thorns

Skull Fucked Prod.
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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